Tleocd Limited, we are a bridge to a better financial life – in financial developing countries.

At Tleocd limited we believe everyone deserves a better life and an easy access to financial solutions. Since our establishment in 2013, we have been working harder with our team of experts to make it a reality for our customers. We offer quick access to credit and a 2nd chance when other financial institutions decline your application or when they aren’t even an option.

As Tleocd limited we decide to look beyond your current financial situation and look towards your potential in the future with an improved financial stability. As a leading money lending institution in East, West and Central Africa, we are driven by a single purpose to boldly grow good in businesses and lives of our customers. Our purpose drives our ambition and reinforces our commitment to progress for a thriving economy and sustainable future in communities where we operate as well. Basically,

Tleocd Limited was established to reduce the level of poverty in East, West, and Central Africa; Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda and D.R. Congo.